The ex libris competitions are organised by Gdańsk Community Foundation and Gdańsk Archipelago of Culture "Treasure Island". The main goal is to continues very rich and many centuries long tradition of creating ex librises about Gdańsk and the promotion of the city in Poland and abroad.

exlibris and small graphic form
img 2020
Fantasy island

10th International small graphic form competition. The topic of this year’s artistic challenges is an ISLAND, FANTASY ISLAND.

img 2018
The Animals of the Baltic Sea

The topic of IX edition is “The Animals of the Baltic Sea”. The unusual creatures of the Baltic waves, with their unique colours, sizes as well as names.

img 2016
The Dreams of Gdańsk Neptune

The topic of VIII edition is “The Dreams of Gdańsk Neptune”, the god of the seas, sailors and fishermen. His figure is full of secrets, treasures hidden in the depths of the sea, and fascinating dream...

img 2014
Secrets of Cold Sea

The topic of VII edition of the Competition is sea - chilly, cold and inaccessible. Fearsome, dangerous and indifferent on the one hand, and fascinating, nostalgic and desirable on the other hand.

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GAK Wyspa Skarbów GAK Fundacja Wspólnota Gdańska


ASP PAN Biblioteka

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